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Monika Budinaite NFT MonikaBu

“This is the most vulnerable act I’ve ever

done in my life as an artist.”


This NFT includes the manuscript, sixth draft of the new book authored by Monika Budinaitė revealing the handwritten comments and critique by the text’s first reader and content editor, assoc. prof. dr., Gabrielė Labanauskaitė. It reveals a dialogue between the two creators and contains the only version of the upcoming book, which will never appear anywhere else. 

This is a unique NFT adventure – a dramatic decision by the creator to “bare herself” during the creative process and experience one of her greatest fears: to give away an unfinished work. By revealing it to another person (the future owner of this NFT) the writer exposes herself to an extremely sensitive experience: facing and accepting the will of this NFT owner.
Only the owner of this NFT will be able to compare the manuscript with the final physical book. No one else will know how much or how little the final version of the book differs from this unique creative moment. Most importantly, the owner of this NFT will get an opportunity to become a part of the book. Nothing less than guest appearance of their choice to be included in the published book. Thus, the communication between the owner and the writer will be inevitable.

Why unique

  • Probably the first NFT performance in the field of literature - a dramatic decision by the creator to “bare herself” during her creative process and give away an unfinished work;

  • Possibility to take part in an ongoing creative process and influence it;

  • Adventure - the owner of this NFT will get an opportunity to be a part of the book; guest appearance of their choice in the published book;

  • First digital collectible by Monika Budinaitė;

  • Unique version of an unpublished book;

  • Performance whose success will determine whether the book itself will be published, which will only happen if this NFT is acquired.

NFT monika book photo JPG.jpg


This book is most suitable to be released as an NFT because Monika’s upcoming novel is about change. It is about the present becoming the past. In the novel, a horse, the most important driving force in farming for many years, is replaced by technology – a tractor. The book depicts how their lives and existence intertwine. It is a dialogue between the past and the future, a conversation between nature and technology, a discussion between the rational mind and emotions. Imagine if you could witness their conversation: What would they say to each other?

This NFT project is a manifesto of the author, marking a parallel change.

The book, in which part of the creative process becomes the object of NFT, changes its body in the same way that the body of a horse is replaced by cold metal technology. The future determines the past: The success of this NFT project will determine whether the world will see the traditional paper version of the book, the creator's tribute, and a gesture of respect for the past.


Food for thought

  • How does art change when it is exposed in the creative process?

  • When will we reject all that is old and familiar, and when will we become outcasts ourselves?

  • What kind of change will the NFT holder witness when they become part of the creative process?

  • What if the real, physical book is not the end result, but rather all the steps that led to its creation?

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