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I am a writer Monika Budinaitė. My latest intelectual puzzles and inspiration manifest through an attempt to combine old and new, ordinary events and phenomena that are yet to be uncovered. I'm not shying away from contraversial topics in my works. I depict a picture of hidden tensions of the modern society through a psychological narrative.

My creation works are born through a variety of world experiences: I study, travel, research, seek and feel. I am mostly interested in conceptual art, cycles of nature, new technologies, languages, science and particularly artificial intelligence. I am also an enthusiast of blockchain and that is precisely why I am taking my first steps into the world of NFT. In addition to my fiction books I also write screenplays for childern performances and scripts for TV shows. My texts have been printed in cultural and entertainment publications.


My writer's path is marked by four novels published so far: The Daughters of Lust (2010), A Book with the Deleted Chapter (2015), Rosin Dust (2015) and The Valley of the Self (2018). I was the first writer in Lithuania to publish a short story translated into „emoji language“.


I'm currently living in the G-spot of Europe – Vilnius, Lithuania. However, I might be changing my place of residence in the near future. I'm planning to be the first writer to move to the Metaverse with my children and cats.


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